Monday, May 30, 2011

New Business Card

Ta Da!  Here is a picture of my new business cards.  The lovely Teresa is modeling one of the shirt aprons as a little peek into what the shop has to offer (this was one of the photos from the Etsy listing for this apron).  I was so pleased with how they turned out - I think I might have a whole bunch made...

And this is one of the hair clip holders.  I used the shapes buttons in pages (the mac version of word), on the business card templates.  We printed them on the pre-cut business card paper, from there it was easy to just cut two slits in the middle of the card, sort of thread the back part of the hair clip through the slits and clip it on.  I will also be making more of these!

Have a safe rest of your Memorial Day - and take some time to remember what this day means.  Not just family time and barbecues, but the sacrifices of our soldiers, policemen and firemen.  

Blessings - Daphne

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Last Artwalk post...I think

The booth, me and a certain 1 year old at the end of the day

I forgot to tell you all about the compliments I received from the gentleman at the booth next to us.  It was the end of the day and we were all about ready to pack up.  Richey (I think that was his name) came over to see how the day had gone for us.  Then he looked at all my stuff and gave me three compliments:

The first was when he asked how old I was, "What are you, 22?"  Oh!  Thank you good Sir, no, I am not 22 (just this morning I realized that I told him I was 27, but I'm not 27 (but I'm close) - either way, it was a compliment!)

The second was when he said he could see that I put my heart into all the things I make.  (so nice to hear from someone who doesn't even know me!)

And the one that touched me the most - he told me "There aren't many women like you anymore".  At first it sounded weird to me and I was ready to get defensive, but once I thought about it for a minute, I took it as a huge compliment because that's just what I'm trying to be - I'm trying to be ME in a world that does not appreciate the values I strive for or the work that I do.

I wanted to share these with you all because if you're reading this, I think Richey would have paid YOU the same compliments.  (Okay, maybe not the age one...)  

I see the heart that you put into what you all do.  

And There aren't many women like YOU anymore - thank you for being kindred spirits.  We need to stick together ladies!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Art Walk!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day on Saturday.  Just perfect.  I was in a sweater most all day, in Southern Louisiana, in mid-May.  Weird.  Weird, but wonderful.

And although the weather was lovely, there were not many people out and about enjoying it at the Art Walk.  Which is all to say, it was a pretty slow day.

But I met some sweet people, got to spend a day chatting with my friend Teresa (Thank you Teresa!) and we sat outside in the shade all day.  Oh, and I did make some sales too. ;)

This was my third time selling my 'wares' in a booth at a show and I could feel a difference.  Everything went a lot smoother than the last two times.  It was a nice feeling.

the table set-up practice Friday night (minus the cool hair clip cards...they had yet to be printed)
Up top there, you will have noticed my new sign.  I LOVE it!  I would LOVE it more, however, if I knew what I was doing with that whole quilting business, and it layed more flat.  I think I'm going to rip out the binding and redo it sometime in the near future.  With everything else going on around here, it was one of those things that intimidated me (the sign) because I had a picture in my head and I knew the likely hood of me screwing it up was pretty high, so I was putting it off for as long as I could.  I finally mustered up some confidence and minus the frumpy middle saggy bit, I'm quite pleased with it.  It mostly looks like what I had envisioned!

I also made up some new business cards (thank you to my dear husband who helped me figure out how to use the Mac template late Friday night before the show Saturday...) and some cards to display the hair clips.  Another one of those ideas that have been floating around in my head for some time now.  I just used a business card template and the business card paper that is already perforated that you run through your printer, and voila!  Semi-profesional product displays!

Work is ramping up around here for all the water that is coming down the Mississippi these days, so I'm not sure how this week will go - all I know is that I need Saturday off because we are having a birthday party for my now 1 year old!  (Can you believe it?  He's already ONE.  Crazy talk people!)  More on the decorations and such for that soon...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh my!

Has it really been that long... I haven't said "hello" since Easter???

I'm sorry!  It's not that things haven't been happening 'round here - it's just that there has been so much happening 'round here that I haven't put my bottom in a chair long enough to tell you all about it!

The Gretna Art Walk is this weekend, so I probably won't be updating you until that is over because I still have a bit to get ready!  But there will be pictures galore and a few tales of woe mixed in with a whole lot of tales of success.

Don't you worry, I'll be back soon. :)

Until then, Blessings-