Saturday, May 28, 2011

Last Artwalk post...I think

The booth, me and a certain 1 year old at the end of the day

I forgot to tell you all about the compliments I received from the gentleman at the booth next to us.  It was the end of the day and we were all about ready to pack up.  Richey (I think that was his name) came over to see how the day had gone for us.  Then he looked at all my stuff and gave me three compliments:

The first was when he asked how old I was, "What are you, 22?"  Oh!  Thank you good Sir, no, I am not 22 (just this morning I realized that I told him I was 27, but I'm not 27 (but I'm close) - either way, it was a compliment!)

The second was when he said he could see that I put my heart into all the things I make.  (so nice to hear from someone who doesn't even know me!)

And the one that touched me the most - he told me "There aren't many women like you anymore".  At first it sounded weird to me and I was ready to get defensive, but once I thought about it for a minute, I took it as a huge compliment because that's just what I'm trying to be - I'm trying to be ME in a world that does not appreciate the values I strive for or the work that I do.

I wanted to share these with you all because if you're reading this, I think Richey would have paid YOU the same compliments.  (Okay, maybe not the age one...)  

I see the heart that you put into what you all do.  

And There aren't many women like YOU anymore - thank you for being kindred spirits.  We need to stick together ladies!


  1. What lovely compliments! Thank you for passing those along. And the booth (and both smiling sweeties) look wonderful!

  2. I couldn't agree with that gentleman more!

    Yes, you do look 22. (I have decided to be permanently 23, by the way) so we are close in age! : )

    And, you do put so much heart into everything you make. I see it and feel it. I love that you are getting out there to all the crafty fairs. Go Daphne!

    Sending hugs~