Monday, May 16, 2011

Art Walk!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day on Saturday.  Just perfect.  I was in a sweater most all day, in Southern Louisiana, in mid-May.  Weird.  Weird, but wonderful.

And although the weather was lovely, there were not many people out and about enjoying it at the Art Walk.  Which is all to say, it was a pretty slow day.

But I met some sweet people, got to spend a day chatting with my friend Teresa (Thank you Teresa!) and we sat outside in the shade all day.  Oh, and I did make some sales too. ;)

This was my third time selling my 'wares' in a booth at a show and I could feel a difference.  Everything went a lot smoother than the last two times.  It was a nice feeling.

the table set-up practice Friday night (minus the cool hair clip cards...they had yet to be printed)
Up top there, you will have noticed my new sign.  I LOVE it!  I would LOVE it more, however, if I knew what I was doing with that whole quilting business, and it layed more flat.  I think I'm going to rip out the binding and redo it sometime in the near future.  With everything else going on around here, it was one of those things that intimidated me (the sign) because I had a picture in my head and I knew the likely hood of me screwing it up was pretty high, so I was putting it off for as long as I could.  I finally mustered up some confidence and minus the frumpy middle saggy bit, I'm quite pleased with it.  It mostly looks like what I had envisioned!

I also made up some new business cards (thank you to my dear husband who helped me figure out how to use the Mac template late Friday night before the show Saturday...) and some cards to display the hair clips.  Another one of those ideas that have been floating around in my head for some time now.  I just used a business card template and the business card paper that is already perforated that you run through your printer, and voila!  Semi-profesional product displays!

Work is ramping up around here for all the water that is coming down the Mississippi these days, so I'm not sure how this week will go - all I know is that I need Saturday off because we are having a birthday party for my now 1 year old!  (Can you believe it?  He's already ONE.  Crazy talk people!)  More on the decorations and such for that soon...


  1. The stall looks great!! Glad it went smoothly. You'll have to show us your fancy new business cards =) x

  2. Agreed. You need a business card post now.