Monday, May 30, 2011

New Business Card

Ta Da!  Here is a picture of my new business cards.  The lovely Teresa is modeling one of the shirt aprons as a little peek into what the shop has to offer (this was one of the photos from the Etsy listing for this apron).  I was so pleased with how they turned out - I think I might have a whole bunch made...

And this is one of the hair clip holders.  I used the shapes buttons in pages (the mac version of word), on the business card templates.  We printed them on the pre-cut business card paper, from there it was easy to just cut two slits in the middle of the card, sort of thread the back part of the hair clip through the slits and clip it on.  I will also be making more of these!

Have a safe rest of your Memorial Day - and take some time to remember what this day means.  Not just family time and barbecues, but the sacrifices of our soldiers, policemen and firemen.  

Blessings - Daphne


  1. Gimme that model's number. She's got potential. LOL.

    I'm glad the cards came out so great!

  2. Hi Daphne, these are great looking cards!!! How have you been?