Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"like June Cleaver amid teenage angst"...and other stories

This was going to be post about how I successfully (or not so successfully) completed alterations on my jeans.  Because, well, the thing is, after I had the baby, my size fluctuated a bit and I got several different sizes on the way back down to my normal.  Now I'm back to my normal weight, but normal size???  Not sure that that will ever happen.  The last pair of jeans are still a bit big and I had great plans to take them in and make them my own.  

See, I even took a "before" picture.  I'm thinking this will be the "after" picture.  

Which reminds me: If you are getting rid of clothes that are still in pretty good shape consider taking them by a shelter or thrift store - go green/helpful!  Or, turn them into something's not such a new idea, you know.  Our Grandmothers and beyond used every scrap they could.  And what a great way to exercise your talents and creative ways!

But where was I.... Oh yes!  Alterations.  So the plan was: I employ my fabulous (yet non-existent) alteration skills to my saggy jeans and transform them into bottom hugging things of wonder - or - I mess them up and end up going out and buying a new pair that actually fit.  I figured it was win-win!  It still is, once I get around to finding a pair that fit.

How about style?  That is one thing I'd like to work on this year.  Cultivating my own style.  I'm sure I have one now, but it's not one I'd like to be known for (randomness/sometimes kind of frumpy/blah?).  I'd like to wear more aprons and I'm pretty sure I need a pair of cowboy boots.  A waitress at a local burrito joint has become a huge inspiration for me.  For one, her outfit was adorable (description in a second), but a big part of it was how absolutely different her 'style' was from all the other waitresses and quite a few of the patrons in the place.  It was kind of like a cute little June Cleaver amid teenage angst.  Tiny cut-off shorts with fishnet stockings, lots of piercings and tattoos, dyed and crazy cut hair.  All fine and dandy, just not exactly "me".  Then, there was this outfit - plain white long sleeve shirt, jeans with the cuffs folded up about 4 inches, cowboy boots, a beautiful vintage half apron in a pink floral print and .... pearls.  Seriously, a small string of pearls around her neck!  I mean, come on!  Something to aspire to for sure.

What are you aspiring to, these days?  And while you're at it, check out this post  I found it enjoyably worth the read.


  1. Hi Daphne,

    I look forward to seeing the after pictures! I am sure the pants will look fine. You are very talented and your Etsy shop is full of cute things. I will be back :)

    Have a great evening, Ooh Leela!

  2. Daphne,

    Where have you been? We miss you and can't wait to see the after pictures :) Have a great eve!

  3. I am so inspired about wearing my aprons now! Thanks for sharing that link from the hillbilly housewife. Up until now, I've been only wearing my aprons to cook + to bake. But that is going to change. I just bought some new fabric + a cute apron will be out of my sewing machine + on its way in no time! As for style in general, I have always leaned to the 1950s for my "look," and even though my hardcore rockabilly days are long gone, I still always have a little 'billy in my look. A girl can't help it.