Sunday, January 2, 2011

"let's start the New Year right..."

Why has this storytelling been so elusive to me?  That is what I've been pondering of late.  (Along with the scary thought that I've committed to myself and a few others that I will be using this space to tell stories - what a great idea! I thought as I jumped head first)  And once I'd gone clear over the edge, I realized I don't have any stories to tell.

Or so I thought...

Because well, lets go through a typical day:

Early - wake up.  tend to the baby.  get ready for work.  (have you ever tended to a baby without walking away with a few stories to tell???)

A bit later - ride the bus to work. (oh yes, the bus is full of interesting characters)

Daytime - lots of interaction with lots of different folks...from my cubicle and sometimes beyond (fortunately for you, I probably won't be sharing work stories here)

Later daytime - ride the bus home. (different characters!)

Evening - tend to baby.  make and eat dinner.  all while hanging out with the hubby.  hopefully some crafting in there somewhere. (crafting.  ah ha!  so many stories not only of how things are created, but the material themselves have such a history.  I've been using up-cycled and vintage linens and clothes and I can just see the houses they lived in before they came to me, and the people who used them.  oh yes, so many stories...)

So my challenge (let's not bother with resolutions, shall we?) to you in this New Year, is to discover the stories you have to tell.  And then tell them!  Start a blog, start a journal/scrapbook, write a letter, leave a comment, paint a picture, sew a quilt, embroider a tapestry.  Find something you're excited about and go do it!  

And let's all take these words to heart in our new endeavors: "Never let the truth get in the way of a good story."  anyone know who said this?

Looking forward to hearing yours in 2011.

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