Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Some catching up to do

Not much has been going on craft-wise since the Little One got here, but I can tell you about some things I did while waiting for him!

These were Mother's Day cards for all the mothers in our lives.  The flowers were removable brooches!  With 6 to be made, I'm afraid the outside of the cards all looked the same, but each one had a personalized flower and message inside!

We've been looking for something to hang in our living room to cover a huge empty wall (there would be a TV there, on top of the TV stand...but we don't have a TV so it's just a nice big empty wall).  I think I started this the day before we went in to have the baby.  Needless to say, it's still sitting in the messy Croffish. (Note:  Croffish is the name we've coined for our craft room/office.  While I would gladly just call it the Craft Room, my wonderful husband reminds me that it is his space too!  So we combined the two words and came up with Croffish, which works here in Southern Louisiana.)

Current state of my work table.  When I've had a few moments here and there I've tried to do some hand sewing (more to come on that soon!) which I LOVE!  I realized about day 5 of life with a newborn that some craft time was needed or things were going to go south soon.  My amazing husband made sure I had and hour of un-disturbed craft time and it was wonderful!

But I digress, back to hand sewing.  Maybe it's the fact that hand sewing makes you slow down and enjoy the process or that it's so portable or the imperfections that are bound to come and the skill that is gained, whatever it is, I enjoy hand sewing immensely.  My machine gets used quite a bit and it has its merits too, but I feel like I have so much more control and rhythm when I sew by hand.

Flowers are SO easy and fun to do!  

And in the midst of this (while it could be construed as a yawn, it is in fact crying)...

I was able to take a few shots for a sneak peak at what will hopefully be in my Etsy shop soon.  (Perhaps when the Grandparents are here???) :)

Now, a graduation gift to get working on before Saturday (!) and a project due by July 1st that needs some love!  But's eating time for the babe...


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