Sunday, June 20, 2010

Graduation gift set

Here is the graduation gift I finally finished (it was only a few weeks late!).  I didn't know what the lovely young lady who received it "needed" for college, so I put this little number together as a "fun" gift instead.

She has a great sense of fashion, so hopefully these accessories will come in handy.  I had so much fun putting this together.

The set includes a flower brooch that doubles as a hair clip (when pinned to the felt covered clip) or a flashy little belt (when attached to the included ribbon).

The flower was constructed in the same way the Mother's Day flowers were, but with more tulle between the second to last 'petal' and the backing petal.  It also features a pearl from a vintage necklace in the center.

When my parents were here to help with the baby my Mom and I visited Michael's (a few times) and I saw these great containers.  Our graduate is an excellent baker, so the packaging doubles as a re-usable baking tin!

Now, how fun is that?

I've got so many ideas in my head (and unfortunately those don't make it very long unless they're written they're in my notebook too!) for this blog.  Implementation will begin soon, so stay tuned!

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