Saturday, February 13, 2010

Functional Recycled Art

Good morning!

As I mentioned earlier, reusing ordinary/cast off items to make something beautiful and functional is what I really enjoy. Here are some projects i've dabbled in.

Aside from fusing plastic, I've done some painting on glass bottles (that would have gone into the recycling bin), made books using recycled paper and cereal/tea/hot cocoa/etc. boxes, and skirts from pillowcases.
This is a peek at a jar I painted as a container for tea bags for my mom. I believe it was a pickle jar in its previous life!
This was a banner made for a friend using printer paper that was in the recycle pile. I left the printed side facing out for an extra touch (the text had a 'special' meaning to the banner recipient!).

More pictures coming soon. Writing about it has me inspired to work on some new projects!


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