Friday, July 8, 2011

Putting my (needle?) where my mouth is?

Hand sewing - on the go.

What I've been up to lately...

My first real size quilt project.
Well, the start of it anyway.
All packed up in its "go kit".

What's this?
A little tea to go with my stitching?
As lovely as that would be...

I'm afraid not!
Something even better!
A little sewing kit.
I love it.
(Probably more than I should.)

Some extra batting was folded over
and wrapped with left over
fabric from my
Sunrise Folk sign.
Fabritac holds it there nicely.
Just a few pins and a quilting needle.
(though I haven't been quilting yet-just piecing. 
Jinny suggests a short needle 
and it's been working so well for me!)

Tiny scissors.
A spool of thread.
(I've heard grays/light browns are wonderful
for piecing b/c they are neutral enough that
the stitches don't usually show up on the right side
unless the fabrics are black or white. 
And I have found this to be true!)
And a leather thimble given to me by
my friends mother, Mrs. Davison.
(Thanks Mrs. D!)

Yellow wool felt.
Just so happy.

Cut pieces.
Pieced pieces.
And the plan.
I was going to cut all the pieces and got
so overwhelmed.
Jinny recommends just cutting a few at a time.
So glad I did - less stress!

My stitches are already becoming straighter
and more even.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dimpling of
hand stitching.
One of my favorite things about fabric and thread.
(also the dimpling of hand quilting.
that's probably the best.)

My chicken-scratch plan.
I'm glad I know what's going on,
because that piece of paper is a MESS!

The inspiration for it all.
This was in my stash.
I think I (or maybe my mom?) got when I was in high school?
And it needed to be used.
And our bed needs a summer quilt.
So there you go.

It has 16 panels.
A few repeating states/cities.
But most importantly:
It looks vintage (yay!)
And has my homestate (yay!)

((p.s. - the fabric that is the backdrop for the sewing kit will also be in the quilt.))

Happy Hand-Sewing to you all!

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