Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Party in a box!

I meant to write about this when I talked about Wy's birthday party, but forgot!

We live pretty far from family, so our "work & church family" joined us for Wy's actual party.  I didn't want the grandparents to miss out on the fun though, so I sent them a party in a box!

(please excuse the mess behind the actual birthday stuff!)

Since they couldn't join us, I wanted to include little details from the party that would make them feel like they had been there.  I was going to be printing several sets of pictures (for Grandparents, Great Grandmas and Grand Godmother), so I sent them to Walgreens to be printed.  So much easier!
Believe it or not, that Bisquick box in the background is not part of the "mess", it's one of the boxes I used to send the package.  See how to make it 'sendable' here.

Invitations, straws, bubbles (in plastic sandwich bags with cowboy paper trim) and the cute baking cups I found at Michael's!

The tissue paper pom poms.

Everything got wrapped up in a bandana and put in a box to send!

Here I was, saying I wasn't going to post anything until later this week and I already have this one and another one ready to go!  Pictures, pictures, though.  I need to take some pictures.

Not sure when I'll be back - but I will bring pictures - promise!


  1. Love it love it love it!!! Such a creative (and sweet) way to let them know they were a part of the party, even if they weren't there.