Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Crafty goings-on and their inspirations...

Just a few of the things I've found my crafty-self engrossed in these last few weeks:

Alabama Stitch Book and Alabama Studio Style.
To say that Natalie Chanin is an inspiration to me is a gross understatement.   These books and her work are all about hand stitching, using local products and workmanship, slowing life down....serious wonderfulness here folks.  If you've never seen her work, check out the website here.  

This is a spin on one of the projects from the Alabama Stitch Book.  A notebook cover!  My friend Brian was cleaning out his closets and was kind enough to let me pick through what he was going to take to the thrift store so I could get first dibs!!!  I used parts of two knit jersey shirts to make this super easy cover.

I apologize for the lighting...night photos are not the best option, but sometimes they are THE option, if you know what I mean...

Anywho - this shirt had awesome pockets that I was able to use, so now my cover has a handy dandy pocket to hold my phone or pens or whatever!

Obviously this one was for me to keep as I don't have the kinks quite worked out...and it would have helped if I had followed the directions, of course, but who has time for directions when you want to get started now?!  

I do love Natalie's style of imperfection and unfinished edges and will most likely be incorporating some of that 'feel' into my work.

This guide to crazy quilting along with a few blogs have been what I have spent quite a bit of my time on the last few days.  (this blog, and this one, in particular!) 

All this crazy quilting excitement got started when I finally figured out what to do with some very special scraps of fabric. 

When my Grandmother passed away, I got some of her clothing, some of the things I remember her wearing.  I wanted to make something special with them, something for her children (my Dad and Aunt) and the grandkids (myself and two cousins) (it's a small family!).  It has been several years now that these have been patiently waiting in a project bag, and the other week it hit me - crazy quilt pillows!  Which was great, except I'd never done a crazy quilt in my life!  Thank goodness for crafty blogs and helpful books!

Here is the first "naked" block (see, I'm already learning the terminology!) - it's naked because it doesn't have any embroidery/embellishment yet.  I have seen some beautiful examples of heavily embellished crazy quilts.  For these pillows though, since they are the first adventure of this sane girl into crazy quilting and because I want them to be used and loved, I think we'll keep it simple as far as embellishing goes.  More soon!


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  1. You've obviously been very hard at work, young lady! Looking good!