Thursday, December 30, 2010


In a recent post, I mentioned that I would love to be a great storyteller.  Well, while I was catching up on some of my favorite blogs post-Christmas blog break...I stumbled upon this post by Mollie over at The Wild Olive.  And I think I have a way to put in to motion achieving a "goal" I hadn't realized was a goal!

In the new year, I plan on using this blog to tell stories.  I have a lot to learn in this realm, so please be patient and please please please leave some feed back in the comments section!  Constructive criticism will always be welcome...of course, rave reviews of stories will too! ;)  Functional, recycled, art is still the 'business' side of things and "making" will always be what I do, so don't be surprised when those adventures become tales regaled here.

I also plan on talking to Mollie about a little ad on her wonderful blog.  To help out a great designer/embroiderer/blogger/etc! and to keep me honest in this new goal.  So look for that over at The Wild Olive ...soon!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

May you be Blessed with Peace and Joy this Glorious day and all the days to come.

Merry Christmas from D, J, Wy and Cody

Monday, December 13, 2010

Prayer Request

Nile Thomas Arrington

A couple we are close to in our church family lost their little boy to SIDS this past week.  He would have been 9 months old the morning they found him.  It has been a terribly hard week.  If you find time, please say a prayer for this family.  They are living through any parents worst fears and physically there isn't much we can do for them, but through prayer we are all strengthened.

We miss you Nile.  We know you are in the arms of Jesus giggling and safe.

Thank you all.

"if wishes were fishes, we'd all cast nets"

Some things I've been pondering of late and a few wishes I suppose:

-       I would LOVE to be a great storyteller.  One of those people that draws you in and makes you forget where you are or that you're not the hero in the story.  Garrison Keillor of a Prairie Home Companion is my favorite.  When he settles in to his monologue about Lake Wobegon (what an awesome name, by the way), the theater is silent and listening to him, I feel like I'm there.  His voice has become such a comfort to me over the years.  For as long as I can remember we have tuned in on Saturday nights to listen and the first day I had free time and was able to turn on my radio when I joined the military, I was able to catch the News From Lake Wobegon and it was the best little love note God could have sent my way.  If you go to the Prairie Home Companion website you can find a weekly post titled: The View From Mrs. Sundberg's Window.  I'm quite certain Sundberg is not her real name (changed to protect the innocent, of course), but I would sure love to meet her some day.  She has a knack for storytelling and baking that is something to aspire to.
-       Have you ever heard the expression, "jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none"?  I feel like that is what I am and I think I should be okay with that, but it bothers me.  I sort of envy people who are 'quilters' or 'knitters' or 'scrapbookers'.  A single word description I am not.  Unless you mash them all together.  Hmm, perhaps: sewerpapercrafterrecyclerembroiderercreatorcrocheter?  Seems like there are still things missing, even in a word 52 characters long.  Oh well.
-       This blog is a real struggle for me.  And it's not for a lack of blog love!  I love looking at all the beautiful, witty, creative, etc. blogs out there.  I get very frustrated with the process of maintaining my own blog.  Not sure if it is blogger or my computer or the way I'm doing things, but uploading pictures takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r and my patience with computers wears thin easily.  One would think this would be perfect for me though, seeing as writing things out is a much better medium for me than speaking (it is rare that I say something rashly or without meaning it so when I do speak it takes awhile for the words to get put in the correct order in my head and come out that way).  But, it is not easy for me to open up to people who aren't close to me, like this post would suggest I am. ;)  Bottom line - my idea of what this blog was going to be (totally impersonal craft reportish type thing) is going to have to change or it is not going to be worth the time and energy.  So reader beware - changes are afoot!

Well, seeing as I've already written a novel, I suppose it's about time for me to sign-off for the day.

Have a lovely evening!

Craft Sanity Magazine!

Hello and my apologies for the extended absence.

The wonderful Jennifer of the wonderful blog and podcast Craft Sanity has produced her very first Magazine!!!  For the complete story check out this blog post: , for the highlights keep reading!

Jennifer put out a call a month or so ago for sponsors for this project of hers and I was so excited to jump on board!  So, inside this gem you'll find a little ad for Sunrise Folk (!), but more importantly you'll find: "44 pages featuring 15 projects ranging from knitting and crochet to sewing, weaving, paper craft and embroidery; interviews,  handmade stories and Q&A interviews. You'll also find recipes, gift tags, and an adorable paper doll with a penchant for quilting, reviews and a gift guide, too.

So, you're totally excited right?!  Well, there's more!

Work by the following artists and crafters is inside: Cathy Carron, Lindy Graff, Anna Hrachovec, Sarah London, Alessandra Hayden, Rebecca Green, Alyssa Thomas, Cydney Colvig, Linda Tieu, Steven Rainey and a generous knitter named Jake. You'll also find Diane Morgan's delicious recipe for homemade graham crackers and a peek inside the sketchbook of knitter Debbie Bliss!  Jennifer included a few of her own projects, including a mod hexagon apron tutorial for you to enjoy, too.

Want to know how you can get your very own copy!?!
You can purchase a copy of the print publication here.
The electronic edition ($3.99) will be released the same day the hard copy version will be shipped out: Tuesday, December 7.
I can't wait for mine to get here so I can curl up with it by the Christmas tree, tasty cup of hot tea in hand!

(Up-date since I wrote this - mine has gotten here and it is WONDERFUL!  Order a copy, you'll love it!)